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Mental Health Reminders For Mid-Year

I feel like we blinked and suddenly it was August 2022! Where did the time go?! How far are you with your monthly, quarterly, or yearly goals?

I apologize if that’s a triggering question if you haven’t made any progress so far. What matters is that you’re still here - kicking it and surviving through this challenging life. What matters is that you have not given up on yourself and keep doing the best you can. I thought I should remind us of a few things that we often forget.

  1. Celebrate your strengths in all the forms it comes in. Some days your strength will look like ticking everything off your to-do list; other days it will be managing to get yourself through the day even when it feels impossible. Don’t pressure yourself into finding strength you don’t have - it’s okay to admit that you can’t do it and that you need help.

  2. Healing work is a forever commitment. Don’t rush the process. It takes time to unlearn core beliefs and adopt new mindsets and habits. Forgive yourself when you get it wrong or relapse into old habits. Hold yourself in grace for the person you are becoming. When it comes to growth, any step no matter how small, is what matters. You will struggle to get it right sometimes and that’s okay - keep on trying to be better.

  3. Learning to regulate your emotions will give you more peace than you imagined possible. Emotional regulation is an awareness and understanding of your emotions and how they affect your responses to triggering or upsetting situations. When you learn how to positively regulate your emotions, you are calmer when going through emotional distress or negative experiences. We can help you learn how to do this.

  4. You are worthy of love no matter what you’ve been through. Your negative experiences with relationships don’t make you any less deserving of love. That toxic situation, that separation or divorce, that rejection - nothing will ever take away from your worthiness of love. And yes, you will find love again and it will stay and treat you right!

  5. Nurture your relationships. There’s more to life than romantic relationships so build your community of friends and family. Be the intentional and supportive friend you wish others were to you. When life gets tough, it’s those relationships that will carry you through. When life is good, those relationships will share in your joy. When life is mundane, those relationships will give you a reason to smile.

  6. Hold yourself accountable. Keep those little and big promises you made to yourself. Monitor your growth. Choose what’s right for you always. Continue doing the inner healing work even after you start therapy. Slowly shed off your unhealthy habits and mindsets. It’s only you that can get you to the point of progress that you desire for yourself. Respect your personal boundaries. It’s self-love to keep yourself accountable.

  7. Your true and vulnerable self should never be hidden for you to fit in. If people make you feel uncomfortable with who you are, maybe they shouldn't be in your life. True friends and partners will love you for all that you are. There will be people who will adore, nurture and embrace the reality of who you are. Life is not long enough to live in the shadows of your authentic self.

  8. You don’t have to put up with bad behavior just because you understand it. Protect your mental health at all costs even if it means distancing yourself from negative and abusive people that you know or care about. If their behavior hurts you or makes you feel uncomfortable, tell them about it. If they don’t change, it’s okay for you to love them from a distance.

And always remember that wellness isn’t an accessory you put on when things go bad. Aim for a lifestyle that supports your highest well-being and mental health. Keep taking good care of yourself like someone you love. Gabby Cares for you too!


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