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3 Things That Are Okay In Life

Life can be challenging and overwhelming at times, and it's easy to get caught up in the pressures and expectations of society. It's important to remember that we are all human and that certain things are okay in life. These things can provide us with a sense of comfort, reassurance, and perspective. By acknowledging and accepting them, we can create a healthier and more fulfilling life for ourselves. So, let's dive in and discover what is truly okay in life.

  1. It’s okay to not have your purpose or life figured out. This may be a bit controversial but what if the purpose of your life is just to exist as yourself and not to do something grand or transformational in the world? You don’t have to beat yourself up because you’re not doing anything groundbreaking and impactful. Your life will always be enough as it is and if you feel led to a greater sense of living then go for it. Otherwise, it’s okay to not have a clear path in life and just take every day as it comes. You are the purpose of your life and if it’s impactful to others then that’s wonderful, if not, it’s still wonderful. Try as many paths as you’d want and open yourself up to all the possibilities there may be for you.

  2. It’s okay to distance yourself from toxic relatives. We can all agree that family is important but what if they are the source of your pain and constant triggers? Do you continue to surround yourself with people who are a detriment to your well-being? No. It’s okay to love them from a distance as difficult as it may be. Sometimes no matter how hard we try to work on our dysfunctional family relationships, they just don’t work out and that’s okay. Don’t feel guilty for setting boundaries or protecting yourself from your family’s harmful attitudes, beliefs, or behaviors. You have the power to create your own chosen family and support system. This can include seeking out positive and supportive relationships with friends, mentors, or other family members who are not toxic.

  3. It’s okay to outgrow friendships Friendships are an important part of our lives, but sometimes we may find that we have grown apart from certain friends. This can happen for a variety of reasons, such as changes in interests, values, or life circumstances. While it can be difficult to accept that a friendship is no longer working, it's important to remember that it's okay to outgrow friendships. Holding onto friendships that no longer align with our values or interests can be draining and prevent us from fully embracing new opportunities and relationships that align with who we are now. It's important to acknowledge the value that past friendships have brought us, while also recognizing that it's okay to move on when they are no longer positively serving us. Ending a friendship doesn't necessarily mean that there was something wrong with the friendship, but rather that it has run its course. By doing so, we can create space for new friendships that align with who we are now and support our personal growth and happiness.

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